What Clients & Peers Are Saying...

I am based in Gurgaon, India but work with clients around the world. My work with my clients is confidential, and hence client testimonials have been kept anonymous.

"I have worked with Aparna as a colleague for 3 years at Carrier Clinic, NJ, where we worked with a client group ranging from adolescents to older adults, on issues related to anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship/marital discord and family therapy. Aparna demonstrated expert clinical skills and professional integrity. She effortlessly built a great rapport with her clients and their families and worked from a place of diligence, respect and compassion for them. At the same time she was attentive to details and therapy outcomes and had a practical approach. It was a pleasure working with her and getting to know her at a personal level too. Aparna was well liked, appreciated and respected by her colleagues here and I very highly and happily recommend Aparna to you!"
Laura Moni Warren, LCSW, New Jersey (Colleague)

"Counseling wasn't something I had a lot of faith in but a friend of mine, who had worked with Aparna in therapy, and had highly recommended her, so I figured I would try it! I was pleasantly surprised when I went for my first session…there was no hocus pocus or hoilier than thou attitude!! Aparna was very professional, practical and yet empathetic and non judgemental. After I attended a few sessions I was able to see for myself how I could start making changes. I felt I was back in control and would recommend even the most cynical ones[ like I was too] to atleast give therapy a try…as I will have no hesitation in seeing Aparna again if ever needed."
Adult Client - came in for individual Psychotherapy for Anxiety and Mild Depression

"Seeing Aparna has changed my life. I was feeling lost, angry and I was confused about the way forward. She was very insightful and helped me sort through all the stuff in my head…we worked on skype, which was great for me! She would tell me to 'open up a word doc' and helped me to set goals and together we looked at ways I could achieve those goals and how I could keep track of it…we worked on my anger and self confidence…we also spoke about relationships and how I should handle them…I know she spoke with my mom too and helped with the stuff at home ...between my parents and my parents and me… Thank you so much for helping me believe in myself and helping me get back in the zone!"
17 year-old Client - came in for Adolescent Counselling and Life Coaching

"I am writing to recommend Aparna Balasundaram to you. She led seminars on Human Development and Emotional Well Being. She approached all her assignments with professionalism, knowledge, and commitment. She is an effective presenter who is also self-motivated and caring. She is truly dedicated to helping people."
Rev. Donald W. Tabler , Doctor of Ministry, UMC, New Jersey, USA

"Your Parenting Workshop at the India International Center [IIC] was extremely informative and gave us ready to use practical skills. The session was very interactive, easy to comprehend and has given us the confidence to try and be the best parents that we can be."
Anil Kumar, Parent and India International Centre Staff member

"Ms. Balasundaram is an intelligent, mature and reliable person. She has excellent communication and team building skills and demonstrates a genuine interest in the wellbeing of her clients. I wish her all the best in her professional pursuits and am confident she will be an asset to the lives she touches."
Michael Voorhees, RNC, MS, Executive Director, East Mountain Hospital, New Jersey, NJ, USA

"Aparna, you would be a huge asset to ANY group who is looking for a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, dedicated and one-of-a-kind speaker who gets the work done with finesse! Your ability to connect to a variety of personalities, cultures, and ages is a true gift! "
Mukta Sharma, Principal, Maple Bear Early Learning Centre, Noida, NCR

"One and half hours of facilitation on Personality Development during the 6th National Leadership Training Course really magnetized each and every one participants, I could tell by the mood O meter ticked by the participants that she had captured attention and took them along with her throughout the session. I received positive feedback from our participants and would recommend Ms. Aparna Balasundaram for facilitating sessions. She did an excellent job at tailoring the message to our audience and used examples that were contextual and familiar for them. Aparna was a true professional and an effective facilitator."
P. Raghavendra, Program Officer, ActionAid, United Kingdom Development Agency

" We would like to extend a very warm thank you for conducting your session on Parenting and Stress Management. The presentation was excellent and the feedback was very positive. The information you shared and the additional material you provided was informative, timely and empowering."
Dylys Koney, Family Support Organization of Middlesex County, New Jersey, USA

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