Enhancing Emotionally-Intelligent Leadership

Workshop Overview While successful organizations have strong leaders at every level, there is a growing need to motivate high-performing employees to feel empowered to deliver new solutions, face the uncertainties and challenges of changing markets, drive innovation or manage costs. And by doing this effectively, an organization develops a strong and deep "bench" of leaders who operate with consistent and effective leadership skills.

This Effective Leadership Workshop recognizes this people-centric aspect at the heart of progressive companies, and using the proven principles of Emotional Competence, prepares your leaders to be more self-aware, be better experiential learners, and to master the arts of influence, communication, managing conflict and collaboration. Using these skills in the right way, leaders enhance their competence by adapting their behaviour to look at adversity in new ways, and better motivate their teams by responding to the vast array of situations and dilemmas they will encounter on a daily basis, with sensitivity and integrity. .
Workshop Objectives
  • To take a practical approach to a people-centric way to getting the business results you want and making it last.
  • To strengthen the (often) untapped areas of EQ-centric Leadership DNA - Self, Empathy, Communication, Social Awareness and Personal Influence.
  • Communicate effectively regardless of the underlying emotions.
  • Supercharge productivity of your teams through conflict resolution and delegation .
  • Improve collaboration and cooperation by building strong bonds across teams.
Who Should Attend
  • Business Unit Heads
  • Department Heads
  • Senior Managers
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