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My name is Aparna Samuel Balasundaram, a psychotherapist and counselor, with over 22 years of professional experience [including 10 years of Clinical Practice in the USA]. I specialise in helping you gain control of your life and move forward. We'll do this by working collaboratively to gain a deeper understanding of you and your situation, and together develop practical solutions that uncover your true potential, develop clarity and create lasting behavioural change. Our aim is to create the best version of you and help you lead a flourishing life! Learn more...


Are you dealing with anxiety or panic attacks? Are you feeling isolated, empty or depressed? Do you sometimes feel de-motivated, stuck in your situation and feel that your life is out of balance?



Are you having difficulty in your relationship(s)? Do you feel that your partner doesn't understand you? Are you feeling alone and feel you have to make a "big" relationship decision?



Is your teenager suddenly angry, mean, loud and his/her rebellious behaviours is 'beyond control'? Has your teenager become withdrawn, depressed or over anxious/stressed? Are your teenager's grades falling and he/she seems demotivated and shows little interest in academics?



Do you often wonder how to build your child's confidence? Do you shout at your child and then feel guilty? Do you sometimes feel conflicted between the challenges of work and home, and feel guilty about being a working parent?


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